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Council Team

Council Key Three

Council Commissioner Mike Eybel mike.eybel[at]
Council Youth Commissioner Ethan Coudenys ethan.coudenys[at]
Council Relationship Manager Stephanie Slipiec stephanie.slipiec[at]

Council Service Team

DCC - Communications Vacant  
     ADCC-Internal Messaging Advisor Vacant  
     ADCC-Website Advisor Vacant  
     ADCC-Social Media Advisor Vacant  
DCC - Membership Vacant  
DCC - Program Rob Shoup rob.shoup[at]
DCC - Recognition Bob Prentice robert.prentice[at]
     ADCC-Recognition Vacant  
     ADCC-Recognition Vacant  
DCC - Safe Scouting Larry Chrysler[at]
DCC - Special Events Tammy MacDonald tammy.macdonald[at]
DCC - Volunteer Development Marcel Coudenys marcel.coudenys[at]

Council Key Volunteers

Treasurer Bob Thiessen thiessens[at]
Council Support Scouter Shelley Dyet shelley.dyet[at]
Council Team Leads - Scout Popcorn Vacant  
  Carolyn Askeland carolyn.askeland[at]
Council Property Chair Vacant  
Ontario Incorporated Body Director Gino Sferrazza gsferrazza[at]
Deputy Elections Officer Vincent Bulman vbulman[at]
Voting Member    
Voting Member   ethan.coudenys[at]
Voting Member   robert.prentice[at]

Council Staff

Office Manager/Bookkeeper Michelle Taylor mtaylor[at]
Executive Assistant Debbie Maw dmaw[at]
Camp Coordinator: Bookings, Payment, and General Inquiries (propetry related)    
Camp Coordinator: Bookings, Payment, and General Inquiries (propetry related) Michelle Babiarz mbabiarz[at]
Council Registrar Alisa Vilgan
Council Registrar    
Administrative Assistant Nicki Jeffery njeffery[at]



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