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Youth Recognition

There are many! There are program badges, stars, and awards, as well as alternative programmes that are available for every section! First Aid is available to Scout-aged and older youth, and senior sections also have the Duke of Edinburgh. These awards are earned by completing the requirements and submitting it to your section leader.

There are also some achievement awards such as the Medal of the Maple for outstanding service.  For more information on nominating a deserving youth, follow the instructions below!

Nominating a Youth

  1. Submit the completed forms to your Youth Commisisoner, or DAYC / DCYC - Recognition for review!

Award Applications

2017 Youth Award Application (pdf)  (For Both CSA and QVA)
Medal of the Maple (pdf)  

The Medal of the Maple

The Medal of the Maple for Distinguished Youth Service is an award created by the members of the National Youth Network, designed to honour those youth who have significantly contributed to the Movement and the spirit of Scouting through community service, extraordinary Scouting participation and a solid system of personal values. Click on the link above for more information.


The Chief Scout's Award

These awards recognize excellence in youth participants. The Chief Scout’s Award is in recognition of the badges earned to that point and is the highest program award a Scout can achieve. Recipients are recognized around the country as being leaders in their own Troop and community.

Scouts may receive the Chief Scout’s Award after completing the requirements, which are listed in their handbook. They are evaluated on their achievement by their Leaders and fellow Scouts. After moving on to Venturer Scouts, they have three months to complete any remaining requirements for the Award.


The Queen's Venturer Award

The Queen’s Venturer Scout Award is presented to Venturer Scouts who have acquired competence and skills that will be of considerable use to themselves, their Company and their community. These competencies and skills are listed in their handbook. These Venturer Scouts will have also been recognized by the company and the Advisor as being worthy of receiving this award. The Award signifies that a Venturer Scout has, in the opinion of those who know the Venturer, both the character and ability to be of significant help to other people.


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